Relationship Coaching

Real Deal Relationships

Real Deal Relationships is not content with ‘status quo’ relationships! Peter and Ainslie seek to challenge and revolutionise an individual’s thinking and responding patters with the intentionality to develop resilient and meaningful relationships.

For over eleven years, within their pastoral role on the Sunshine Coast, Peter and Ainslie have operated as Relationship Coaches and have supported many couples to move from survive to thrive! Peter and Ainslie have been married for over 30 years and have three grown children who are all committed to, and involved in the house of God.

Prior to the first session you will be asked to both complete an online questionnaire which is called Flag Pages. It can be located at and it costs around US$25 each. To ensure accurate data is gathered please only complete the questionnaire individually without the others thoughts/impressions and when selecting the characteristics just put your curser over the selected characteristic and it will provide their definition.

Peter & Ainslie only charge a very small fee to help cover expenses, this assists with any financial challenges that may exist. For further information refer to and to make a time please contact either Peter or Ainslie directly to coordinate.

Peter 0408 881 708
Ainslie 0418 102 980