Life Groups


Bible study groups are an invitation to grow in God and in relationship with others. They are a great way for us to get planted in church, meet and be around like minded people who will help inspire, encourage, and challenge us to grow in our Christian walk.

We know that life is busy and we are all at different stages of the journey. Our prayer is that there is a group that will suit the season you’re in now.

If you would like any further information on Bible Study Groups please come and visit our ‘Info Centre’ after the service on a Sunday or contact the Church office throughout the week.


Doonan Bible Study Group – Wednesday nights fortnightly at 7pm in Doonan
With Michael & Dominique Sheridan

Men’s Prayer Breakfast – Thursday mornings weekly from 6:00am at the Noosa Church
With Warren Evans & Robin Lenham

Men’s Bible Study Group – Wednesday evenings fortnightly at 7:00pm in Cooroy
With Greg Millar

Ladies’ Know Your Bible (KYB) – Wednesday mornings weekly at 9:30am at the Noosa Church
With Michelle Parker

Noosaville Bible Study Group (Over 40’s) – Wednesday nights fortnightly at 7:00pm in the Noosa Church
With Jane Spies

Women’s Life Group – Wednesday nights weekly at 7:00pm in Cooroy
With Megan Voigt & Caroline Clancy

Ridgewood Life Group – Monday nights fortnightly at 7:00pm in Ridgewood
With Noel & Jenny Peters

Cooroy BeReal Ladies – Tuesday mornings weekly at 9:30am in Cooroy
With Jane & Jenny Peters

Young Families Bush & Beach Adventures – Sporadically throughout the year, keep an eye out on the “What’s On” page
Contact Jon & Anna Northwood or the Church Office (07) 5449 9658

– New to Christianity? Join a discipleship groups today –

The early Christians were first known as followers of “The Way”. Discipleship is the process of learning “Christ’s way” of living, learning His principles, His authority, His rules of action, His motivations, His grace, His attitude, His humility, His commands… God wants us to be a people of truth – in love.

Discipleship needs to be done in relationship, as we grow in relationship we gain so much more than if we grow alone. Christ said that people will know you by your love for one another. We begin relationships through attraction – we learn love through commitment and growth. This is the process of discipleship.

The Purple Book.
The Purple Book is a twelve-part Bible study designed to help new believers and longtime followers of Jesus stand firm and grow strong in the Christian life. Take the challenge to build the foundation of your life on the Word of God. Do The Purple Book.

If you are interested in finding out more about a Life Group or joining the Discipleship Course, feel free to call the office Ph: 07 5449 9658 or Email:

– We will be happy to help you find a group to suit you! –