Our heart and vision for Noosa Kids is to see them rise up knowing God is on their side and to enable them to feel equipped to be the best they can be through Gods strength and His Word. Through songs, crafts and games we want to partner with you to bring Christs love to your child in a dynamic way so that they will know God is writing His story of love on their hearts.

Noosa Babes (0-2yrs)

The basic foundation we want to show to the 0-2yr olds is they are safe, nurtured and loved. When children know they are safe and loved, it allows them to blossom.

Foundation – I am loved, I am Nurtured, I am safe.

Noosa Mids (3-5yrs)

God’s love for us is deep, wide and high. We teach about the love of God through bible stories, songs and a craft each week. Our 3-5yr olds love hands on activities and this is a great tactile way to show God’s truths for our lives.

Foundation – God’s love for me has no limit. I am always loved by God. I can pray to God anytime.

Noosa Bigs (6-9yrs)

We love the questions that the children have at this age. They get a bit more complex which means their faith and relationship with God is growing. What would happen if your children felt challenged to pursue a lifestyle of discovery, in which their identity is determined by a personal relationship with Christ, and they are guided by His Spirit? We want them to find their purpose in Christ. 

Foundation – I can ask questions about God, I can ask God questions about me, God has the best plan for my life. 

Decade to Dozen (10-12yrs / grade 5 & 6)

This age group is longing for spiritual depth. As we study the deeper, more complex things of God and his word, we gain knowledge and wisdom in how to live a righteous, faith filled life while bringing glory back to God. 

Foundation – I can ask God for wisdom, I can know God at a deeper level, God helps me make right choices for my life. 

For more information contact the Church office on 5449 9658 or our Children’s Church Pastor Anita Searle; anita@noosa.church